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We proudly serve the Milton, Hamilton, Burlington, Waterdown and Oakville area with their residential or commercial wildlife removal and prevention needs. We’re dedicated to the humane treatment of all animals while ensuring your home is thoroughly protected.

Do you have raccoons nesting in your attic or under your deck? Attics are ideal places for raccoons to have their babies, so let’s ensure your attic is properly sealed so no unwelcome visitors can get in. We’ll relocate mama and babies to a much better spot afterwards.

When a squirrel enters your home and is in no hurry to leave, you are not advised to try to remove that furry animal on your own – call a wildlife removal company such as ours for your humane squirrel removal needs, and leave it to the professionals who are well trained to handle any situation that may arise. 

While skunks aren’t known for being aggressive, you definitely know what else they’re known for: their strong, putrid scent. They can cause a lot of smelly and messy damages to your home and we don’t want that. We know precisely how to handle them, clean your home, and seal entry/exit points.


Mice have the ability to squeeze into the tiniest of holes possible that may be around your home without you even realizing it, like under doors, around window sills, or in the attic. We pay close attention to detail when examining your home for entry/exit points so we can seal it after removing them.


Just like mice, rats can squeeze into small spaces unnoticed too. However, over time, you may start to hear scurrying, see droppings, and see oils around openings. We can solve your rat problems in non-lethal ways. Why use rat poison or traps when we specialize in humane removal and decontaminating your home?


Bats enjoy dark, cool and low-traffic areas, much like your attic or chimney. They’re nocturnal and like to come out to feed approximately two hours after dusk. If you suspect you have bats in your home, give us a call to remove them properly along with any babies who need their moms and take them somewhere else to thrive. 

Whether it’s robins, pigeons, sparrows or other kinds of birds, having them in your home can be a nuisance and cause a lot of unnecessary damage, especially when nests are created. By acting fast and efficiently, we can have them removed and relocated before too much damage occurs. 

Don’t try to handle dead wildlife removal yourself. This can pose a danger to your health. This should always be left to a professional, like our team here at Wild Side. We’ll safely remove any decaying animals from your property and perform the necessary cleaning and disinfection services afterwards.

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Fast & Humane Wildlife Removal Guaranteed

We’re a full-service wildlife removal and prevention company who have a passion for helping homeowners protect their homes, but also treating animals with the respect and gentle touch they deserve. Animals are just looking for a safe and cozy place to call home or have babies and, unfortunately, they often choose homes or commercial properties as such. When you give our experts a call, we’ll inspect your home and personalize your wildlife removal plan to suit your particular needs and that of the animal. More often than not, we’ll utilize a one-way door system that is installed at the point of entry/exit so they’ll be locked out once they leave. From there, we’ll close up any other areas around your home and clean up after ourselves once the door is removed. If there are babies involved, we’ll relocate mom and babies safely and find them a new home, away from yours! But we also want to ensure you and your family are kept safe, therefore, we’ll decontaminate and sanitize all necessary areas.  

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We strive to provide affordable costs for homeowners and commercial property owners alike without compromising the high-quality care they want and deserve. We can also provide you with a free, no-obligation quote so you’ll know exactly what you’ll owe. Absolutely no hidden costs.

Highly-Trained Professionals

Our entire team is highly trained and fully equipped to handle all aspects of your wildlife removal and prevent inquiries safely and efficiently. We update our equipment regularly so everything is kept up to date and gets the job done. We hold ourselves to a high standard and nothing less.

Humane Handling of Animals

We don’t believe in the inhumane treatment of animals and using mice traps, rat traps, poison, and especially sticky traps. We utilize safe, efficient, and humane methods that work just as well to remove wildlife from your home so they can be kept alive and thrive in another environment.

Fast and reliable

Do you require help at your residential or commercial property today? We always strive to be there for our clients when they need us most. We’re always on time, every time. In fact, we treat your home the way we’d treat our own; with a deep amount of respect. We also offer fast, same-day quotes outlining exactly what you’d owe!

Fully Licensed, Bonded, & Insured

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24/7 Service

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What Our Trusted Clients Say

Liam was fantastic. Super quick response, informed, personable, and did an amazing job skunk-proofing our deck. He checked in with us, went the extra mile securing a tricky part of the deck and was courteous, attentive, and thorough overall. We would recommend him to everyone!

– Mia Lennox

We had squirrels in our attic and when we contacted Wildside, they got back to us right away and came the very next day (which happened to be a holiday Monday). Quick response, super knowledgeable, efficient and got the job done!
Highly recommend!

– Kara Liersch

We highly recommend Wildside Wildlife Removal & Prevention. Liam is as I said awesome very polite his quote was extremely fair and you could tell that he really cares about our 4 legged furry friends and his work is totally Humain and our 4 legged friends find a new home.

– Robin Ralph

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We are a full-service, humane wildlife removal company. We specialize in the humane removal of raccoons, mice, skunks, squirrels, bats, and other pests.