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Burlington Wildlife Removal

Those who live inside of and around the area of Burlington area have many types of wildlife to be wary of as they can gain quick access to homes to do extensive physical damage, and even put humans and pets in danger of contracting significant health issues.

Wildside Wildlife Removal & Prevention only gives its employees quality tools, equipment, and processes to follow to make sure that wildlife is effectively removed from homes in a time-efficient manner. 

Our team has top-level certified technicians with the expertise and experience which is needed to manage common pests. Our business is insured and licensed – giving our customers the confidence to hire us for their wildlife removal needs. We only use humane removal techniques and value all animals’ lives, plus we set captured wildlife back into nature. 

We are always ready and eager for the next project that comes up, and hustle like firefighters to quickly get to your door and inside your home to remove pests as needed.

Burlington Wildlife Removal

Removing wildlife from homes is just one service that we offer to our valued customers, we also take preventative measures so that future issues don’t happen by sealing off any potential entry points into your home. Keeping wildlife out of homes makes us proud knowing that our customers can live healthy lives, and keeping homes in good condition with no animal damage occurring is rewarding for us as a company. 

Our wildlife removal Burlington specialists are always energized for the next challenge that comes their way and are ready to hit the road at a moments notice.

Types Of the Local Pests That We Deal With

As a full-service humane wildlife removal company, we have a fantastic history of dealing with many different types of animals – each one is briefly outlined below.

Skunks are the stinkiest animals we deal with, and can also do lots of damage to homes. They are usually fairly laid back, but they can carry rabies and need to be managed carefully.

Raccoons are intelligent and destructive, and this nocturnal species readily look for attics, chimneys, roof areas, and crawl spaces to build dens. Raccoons can carry rabies and should only be handled by trained professionals.

Squirrels can run up to 25 km per hour, do major damage to homes, and are potential risks to the health of humans and pets. They can be difficult to deal with and should only be taken care of by removal technicians.

Bats are small flying mammals that target homes to “hang out” in. They can damage buildings, but much worse, pose significant health risks to humans and pets. They are also protected animals within Ontario and must be delicately removed.

Birds can go to town and manufacture a real mess quickly within homes, and nests and droppings can be the root cause of awful health issues to deal with.

Mice and rats are rodents which are very sneaky and can squeeze through tiny gaps and holes. They can populate quickly and should be removed from a home ASAP to prevent that from happening. Traps can work to catch them, but professionals can remove them all quicker and then secure your home so more don’t get in after. 

Service Locations

Our team responds to wildlife removal requests from Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, Milton, Waterdown, and the surrounding communities.