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Oakville Wildlife Removal

Homeowners who live inside of and around Oakville more than likely have had to deal with wildlife at some point. Whether that was a skunk in the garage, mice in the basement, or perhaps a raccoon in the attic – animals are always looking for comfortable places to live. The problem with this is that these kinds of animals can create damage to homes, and can be the cause of health issues for both human beings and pets as well. 

Wildside Wildlife Removal & Prevention uses the top-performing tools, equipment, and processes to ensure that wildlife is properly removed from homes in a timely manner. We employ certified technicians with the experience and expertise necessary to deal with common pests. 

Our company is insured and licensed, and our customers enjoy what we offer when it comes to wildlife removal Oakville. We only use humane removal techniques so that no animals are hurt, and we reintroduce wildlife back into nature where they can resume their lives outside of your home. We are always standing by and ready to work, and can quickly get to your home to remove pests as needed to restore normalcy.

Wildlife Removal in Oakville

Once we have taken the necessary steps to remove wildlife from homes, we next work to seal off any potential entry points to keep a home secure against future animals from making their way in. 

We enjoy meeting our customers and taking care of their wildlife removal needs, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and keeping animals out of homes is always the main goal of our company.

We Deal With Several Types Of Wild Animals

We are a full-service humane wildlife removal company and have dealt with all kinds of animals in order to restore our customer’s homes back to normal – we briefly outline them below.

Skunks can be stinky furry animals with the strong odour they can fire off when needed – most people want nothing to do with them and for good reason. They can make a real mess of a home and can carry rabies. Our removal technicians are always up for a good challenge, and can effectively remove skunks no matter where they are hiding within a home or garage.

Raccoons are one of the last animals you want in your home as they can literally destroy a home in a short period of time. Give them enough time and they will start looking for anything they can find to build a den in a home’s attic, roof areas, chimney, or crawl spaces. These nocturnal animals can carry rabies, and should only be removed from a home by trained professionals.

Though squirrels are smaller in size they are still hard to deal with as they are very quick. They can manufacture a good amount of damage to a home, and can also threaten the health of humans and pets. They are tricky to track down and catch, and removal specialists are recommended to call on for help.

Lots of people are scared of these freaky-looking little flying mammals, especially when they are flapping around inside of homes. They can take their toll on home’s interiors and exteriors and can cause serious harm to the health of residents and pets. These pests are protected in Ontario, and need to be dealt with in a delicate manner – professionals know how to do this properly.

You likely have a pretty good idea of how messy birds can be with their droppings, feathers, and nests, plus they can cause health issues to boot. Capturing them can be a daunting task to undertake, and it’s advised to seek out help from well-trained removal experts.

These shifty little rodents are masters of getting into homes through tiny gaps and spaces, and they can produce bad damage – especially considering they can reproduce in no time at all for additional reinforcements. Sure you can try to catch these animals with the use of traps, but the pros can remove them in far less time, and then close off any tiny holes so that they don’t return. 

Service Locations

Our team responds to wildlife removal requests from Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, Milton, Waterdown, and the surrounding communities.