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Wildlife Removal Waterdown

A decent number of Waterdown residents have had to deal with some form of wildlife “drama” in their lives – squirrels running wild in the garage or shed, bats in the attic, or maybe some mice in the cellar. Wild animals aren’t always content in the great outdoors, especially when the weather cools down in Ontario and they are looking for warmer surroundings. Fact is, these types of animals can be the root cause of health problems in humans and pets, and the amount of awful damage they can do to homes can be tremendous.

Our wildlife removal Waterdown technicians at Wildside Wildlife Removal & Prevention are well-equipped with the latest and greatest tools, equipment, and are extensively trained so that they can effectively extract animals from homes and safely release them back into nature. Our company is fully licensed and insured, and so our customers can place their confidence in us to do right by them from start to finish and beyond. By deploying humane removal approaches we ensure that no animals are killed, and they can live their lives to the fullest outside of your home. 

Waterdown Pest Removal

Removing wildlife from homes is just one service that we offer to customers, we also work to prevent future incidents from taking place by sealing off any potential entry points into your home. 

Keeping wildlife out of homes makes us happy knowing that our customers can live safely, and keeping homes in good condition with no animal damage happening is a very satisfying feeling for us as a company. 

Our wildlife removal specialists always look forward to their next challenge and are ready to hit the road whenever a customer needs help.

We Have Several Types Of Wild Animals On Our Radar

We are proud to be a full-service humane wildlife removal company, and have managed many types of animals with the primary goals of removing wild animals from homes, and keeping them out in the first place. The wildlife we deal with on a regular basis on behalf of our customers is outlined below.

Skunks are always armed and ready to go with their funky spray in case trouble is coming their way, and you have likely smelled them around your area from time to time. People keep their distance from skunks due to their stink bombs that they can unleash whenever they want, plus they can carry rabies and mess up a home.

Raccoons are destructive and can wreak havoc on a home in no time at all. These nocturnal pests can carry rabies, can set up shop in a home quickly, and should only be handled by removal professionals who have experience dealing with them.

Small but fast, these are two words to describe squirrels. They can scratch and bite to inflict a good deal of damage on a home, and they also present health risks to humans and pets.

Bats can damage homes in very undesirable ways, plus they are risky with regards to health problems they can manufacture, and are protected animals in Ontario that have to be carefully managed as a result. 

Every type of bird has no regard for anyone’s personal property plus they are messy creatures, and like many other animals we deal with – can cause health issues to home’s residents and pets. 

These rodents can squeeze their way into virtually any home they want to. They can be quite clever to avoid getting caught in strategically placed traps, but they are no match for our removal technicians. 

Service Locations

Our team responds to wildlife removal requests from Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, Milton, Waterdown, and the surrounding communities.