When it comes to the humane removal and prevention of nuisance wildlife we are knowledgeable, capable, reliable and humane.

Your health and safety are our highest
priority during this time.

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Our main goal is to remove anything that can damage and devalue your property and, through exposure to diseases, put people and pets at risk.

What We Do

We offer a complete wildlife removal and prevention service. This starts with us determining exactly which species of animals are causing issues for you. From there, we can determine the best course of action for the removal of the animal. More often than not, we use a one way door system which is both effective and humane.


Rat Removal

Just like mice, rats live alongside our homes and us. They always find a way to survive and thrive, so many people have a hard time getting rid of them. This comes as no surprise, given that rats are very intelligent animals.


Squirrel Removal

Squirrels are quite fun to watch jump from tree to tree and play in your yard, but you don’t want them invading your house under any circumstances.


Skunk Removal

Skunk removal is a frustrating and time-consuming challenge. That’s because these little striped creatures are tenacious and relentless. Once they find an attractive property, skunks will try to come back over and over again.


Bird Removal

Things might get messy when birds, such as starlings, pigeons and sparrows, settle down on your property. That’s because these winged lodgers leave droppings and nests behind all over the place.


Raccoon Removal

Have you been hearing some unusual noises coming from your attic recently, and are increasingly getting more concerned? There are a few different types of animals that could be up there, and one of the most common in Ontario are raccoons.


Bat Removal

Bats are animals that are most certainly not welcome in your home, yet they find their way into many homes every year. Bats carry more risks than most animals as they can not only damage your home but even worse, can greatly affect your and your family’s health as well.


Mouse Removal

Once these rodents invade a home, they multiply quickly thanks to their reproductive capability. Their behavior and size make them hard to detect, so mice problems often go unnoticed for a while.


Dead Wildlife Removal

Many business owners and homeowners are not aware of animals living within their property or buildings. They often become conscious of a wildlife problem when the animals die and a bad smell starts to spread out across their estate.