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A bat infestation can happen quickly and unexpectedly and while they may look cute, they’re certainly not welcome in your home for many reasons. They’re dirty, smelly, and can cause a lot of damage that is likely not covered by your insurance. When bats make their way into your attic, chimneys, walls, etc., to stay warm for the winter, they can actually be a health risk to you, your family and your pets. Luckily for you, there are plenty of ways to protect your home from bats and other wildlife so they can’t get into any holes or other means of entry.

Why do bats love attics so much? Bats enjoy dry and warm places to stay for the winter and are attracted to chimneys, attics, and within walls. Bats can reproduce very quickly, so it’s important to be proactive and stay on top of the situation if there is any level of suspicion that bats have been living inside your home – no matter where that may be. It can be tough trying removing bats yourself, therefore, it’s best to leave the bat removal Burlington process up to a professional who knows precisely how to handle them, where to relocate them, and how to clean up afterwards.

Leave It To A Professional Pest Control Company

Did you know that it’s illegal to kill most types of bats in Ontario as they are protected under the Fish and Wildlife Act? The only way to remove them is through a humane bat removal process where they aren’t killed – just locked out of where they’ve been living, or removed and relocated one kilometre from your property where they’ll continue to thrive. And yes, we’ll bat-proof your home so you can rest assured knowing they won’t be able to make their way back in (or other wildlife for that matter).

Sometimes it’s also hard to know exactly what type of animal may be in your walls or attic. Below is some information to read over to determine if bats have made your home their own, however, you can always rely on our pest control team to determine if it’s a bat infestation, or if you have another animal making themselves at home after they thoroughly investigate in and around your property.

How To Tell If You Have Bat Problems & Require Bat Removal Services

Bats can actually be surprisingly quiet when they enter your attic, except for at night when they’re searching for food or if they get stuck in a wall cavity upon entering or exiting. This is likely when you’ll hear them scratching, scurrying, or frantically flapping their wings. Bats are nocturnal animals, meaning they’re up at night, so you may hear sounds like this at sundown. This is when you’ll realize your attic is in a “bat situation” and you’ll need to call our bat exterminators for help. But sounds aren’t the only thing that may be keeping you up at night. Here are other signs to look out for when it comes to determining if you have bat problems:

Close-up of crawling bat in Burlington home

1. Seeing Them With Your Own Eyes

If you see a single bat flying in your home, it could just be that it got in through the door or an open window. There’s no need to panic. They won’t hurt you or go after you as they’re just very frightened. However, if you see multiple bats flying to and from your home all night long, then that is definitely evidence there are bats living in your attic. Much like humans, bats are also creatures of habit and enter and exit homes usually through one or two openings and relieve themselves as they squeeze in and out of tight spaces. Bat guano is another clear sign that there are bats living in your house. The best way to check is by looking for vulnerable areas around your house – openings in bricks, siding, soffit panels, roofline areas, etc.

2. You Smell A Strong Odour

You’ll know you’ll require bat removal services if you have a small odour coming from your attic. Bat guano and urine will have a very strong ammonia scent and also leave stains that will be noticeable on your ceiling. Breathing this in can be very harmful to your health and should be avoided especially if you already have a weakened immune system. This can cause Histoplasmosis. Symptoms include headaches, body aches, chest pain, fever, cough, chills and fatigue. This is why it’s best to leave the bat removal and clean up process to a professional. Our wildlife removal experts are trained and fully equipped to handle clean up and sanitization quickly and efficiently.

3. There Are Stains Around Your House

As mentioned above, bats like to enter and exit through the same points every time they come and go from the attic, siding, chimney, etc. When they come and go, not only do they leave guano behind, but over time, you may also notice oil streaks. The oil is produced by their skin. When one of our wildlife control experts examines your home, this is likely a sign they’ll look for around windows, doors, holes in siding or soffits, or cracks in your chimney. Once the bats are humanely removed, our wildlife control experts will also get rid of the stains and thoroughly seal them so they won’t be able to return.

When To Expect Bat Activity

If you notice any of these suspicious activities but aren’t sure what type of animal is causing them, observe the time of the year they’re taking place. Bats go into hibernation when the colder months in Ontario, Canada hits, so usually from November to March. This is when bats start looking for a safe, warm and cozy place to provide them shelter for those few months.

You can still encounter bats in some way during this time period though, as bats may become active if a warm spell occurs and they think it’s spring or if excessive heat from your house reaches them and fools them. If you hear something that resembles a bat or you see anything during the colder months, then be sure to get a professional bat exterminator in to rectify the potential problem before spring rolls around and the mating season begins. In the spring, female bats like to gather in larger groups to have their babies and twins are not uncommon for bats! Our bat control experts work all-year-long for you. Whether bat removal is required in the spring or winter, we’re always here for you.

What Is White-Nose Syndrome?

Bats get white-nose syndrome (WNS) during the winter and can kill them quite quickly if not dealt with in a timely manner, which is another reason you may hear them become active. In fact, it’s actually caused quite the population drop of bats in Canada which isn’t a good thing. While they may be pests in your attic, they’re necessary wildlife for our ecosystem. It’s called white-nose syndrome because a white fungus appears around their nose, face or wings and it can ultimately lead to dehydration, starvation and then death (another issue you don’t want in your attic).

WNS disturbs the bats’ hibernation schedule. They need to groom themselves more when the fungus appears which results in using more energy to do so. In turn, their food supply also drops faster so the bats are forced to get up and go look for more. In the winter, however, you may not always hear the bats searching for food at night. Since the colder months have arrived, they’ll have better luck searching for insects during the day.

Gloved wildlife removal expert checking bat for white nose syndrome

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If you’ve seen evidence there are bats residing in your house, you should contact us; a reliable and fully trained wildlife control company that can humanely remove them from your property. We’ll thoroughly inspect your house for points of entry/exit, and determine the best course of action. There are many reasons why removing bats should always be left up to an expert who specifically specializes in bat removal as they can pose a serious health risk to homeowners and their families. But our services go beyond just the removal. The next important step is to thoroughly clean the area so no oils, guano or urine are left behind. We want your family to be as safe as possible, therefore, removing any traces of their urine and feces is absolutely necessary.

Lastly, our bat control experts don’t want you to experience a bat problem again, so the proper preventive services will be put in place in and around your house to ensure they can’t get in again, or any other wildlife.

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