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Pest Birds Removal

Having birds, including starlings, pigeons, and sparrows taking up residence on your property can lead to a range of issues. The mess they create becomes apparent as they leave droppings and build nests all around your premises. Dealing with bird-related problems not only causes frustration for homeowners but also poses potential health risks.

Bird droppings can be a major concern due to their acidic nature, which can corrode surfaces, such as roofs, vehicles, and statues, leading to costly repairs and maintenance. Moreover, these droppings are not only unsightly but can also become a hazard, especially when wet. The accumulation of droppings can make walkways, driveways, and other areas slippery and dangerous.

In addition to the physical damage caused by their droppings, birds can carry various diseases and parasites that can affect human health. For example, their droppings can contain bacteria such as Salmonella and E. coli, which can cause gastrointestinal issues if ingested or if contaminated surfaces come into contact with food or hands. Furthermore, bird nests can harbor fleas, mites, ticks, and other pests, potentially leading to infestations within your home.

The noise generated by large groups of birds can also be a nuisance. Their constant chirping, cooing, and fluttering can disrupt sleep, concentration, and overall peace and quiet.

Given these concerns, it is important to address bird issues promptly and effectively. Implementing bird control measures, such as installing bird spikes, netting, or scare devices, can help deter birds from settling on your property. Seeking professional assistance from pest control or wildlife management experts can ensure safe and humane methods are used for bird removal.

By taking proactive steps to manage bird populations and mitigate their impact, you can maintain a cleaner, safer, and healthier living environment for yourself and your family.

Bird Droppings Can Be Dangerous

In addition to causing significant odor, bird droppings are also associated with human health concerns and damage. Feces from pest birds can pose a danger to your health, especially when coming in contact with your body. You can also get infected by inhaling disease-causing particles from stinky bird feces. To make matters worse, droppings from pest birds easily spread to nearby areas through the wind, moisture, and more. 

Apart from bird droppings, debris and feathers under a roost are also a breeding ground for parasite species that cause severe transmissible diseases. For example, they may give rise to histoplasmosis, candidiasis, salmonellosis, and other diseases or infections.

Due to the high acid content, bird droppings can destroy and stain painted surfaces, causing substantial damage to building materials. Likewise, they can wreak havoc on car paint if left untreated because they are highly corrosive.

Keep Common Pest Birds Out of Vents

Some common bird species that live in urban areas, such as starlings, like to nest inside vents during the nesting season in summer and spring. So don’t be surprised if you hear noises from inside your ventilation systems. Clothing dryer vents, as well as openings that exhaust bathroom and kitchen fans, provide attractive nesting spots. 

These openings on exterior walls are often covered by aluminum or plastic caps. Acting as flaps around the louver, these covers open to let the air out. They can be manipulated by quick-witted starlings without hassle. Once the birds get inside, they will start to construct their nests, stuffing and cramming various nesting materials into your vents. Feces and urine inside a bird’s nest and the vents produce an unpleasant smell throughout your home.

Starling nests contain a lot of mites. They spread and attach to human skin when removing bird nests. That’s why their nests should be removed cautiously and with great care. Once the vent pipe is reached, it is necessary to chase away adult birds and remove their babies if any. When trapped inside the vents, the birds are going to pass away, resulting in maggots, flies, and bad odor. So make sure there are no birds in the vents prior to securing the covers.

Humane Bird Control

Just like other pests, birds should be removed from the house. Humane bird removal is considered to be the best way to deter birds. Here’s what it includes:

  • Identification – First things first, when it comes to bird control services, it’s necessary to identify all the entry points of birds before determining the phase of their life cycle. Vents, chimneys, and attics are the most common nest sites. It’s also important to determine whether or not your birds are part of a protected species.
  • Bird Removal – It is important not to disrupt bird babies when performing bird removal as well as their existing nesting material to ensure economical and humane bird removal. We will place a protective container with bird wire as a temporary nest in the vicinity of their previous nests. This allows adults to continue feeding their babies until they are able to fly.
  • Clearing and cleaning – At this step, our technicians will clear and clean contaminated materials, such as odorous carcasses or droppings. The clearing tactics involve ventilation system inspection and insulation repair as well. That ensures a healthy natural environment for your family and you.
  • Prevention – To prevent bird infestation from occurring again in the future, we will seal and screen any potential entry points as a form of bird proofing. With humane bird removal and bird proofing, you can rest assured that your family and your home will be protected altogether.
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Act Fast Before Your Property Becomes Substantially Damaged

Birds often go undetected for a while so that you may share your home with them without you being aware of your bird problem. They tend to multiply quickly when left alone for some time. Restorations or repair due to damage caused by bird problems can carve out a massive dent in your budget. When accumulating on bird feeders, metal, siding, and brick, bird droppings can cause substantial damage. This will eventually result in costly repairs. 

It is in your best interest to get humane bird removal as soon as you notice the birds in or around your home. That will help you avoid health hazards and damage to your property. Dealing with birds isn’t only a messy job but also a dangerous business. If you’re experiencing bird infestation problems, it’s best to contact professionals to remove them safely and completely. 

Call us today for humane bird removal and professional bird control. Aside from removing the birds and their nests from your attic or vents, we will also clean and decontaminate their roosts and nesting site. Furthermore, we will prevent future bird infestation and protect your house from re-entry.

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