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Dead Wildlife Removal

Many business owners and homeowners are not aware of animals living within their property or buildings. They often become conscious of a wildlife problem when the animals die and a bad smell starts to spread out across their estate. Even if you know there is a dead animal on your property, you may still have a hard time locating it. This is where special equipment and professionals come in.

Dead wildlife removal Burlington poses a health risk, so you should not try to do this dirty job on your own. You are also advised not to leave the carcass in your house or near your property. That’s because dead animals are a source for parasites, disease, and pest infestations. That is why dead animals have to be removed from private property without delay. Read on to learn more.

Deceased Animal Concerns and Issues

When an animal living inside a home or building dies, the carcass can cause different problems and concerns. While a terrible odor is the most common problem, there are also many other issues to address. Here are some concerns about dead wildlife:

  • The foul, unpleasant smell inside or outside the home
  • Stains on floors, walls, or ceiling as a result of decomposition
  • Presence of maggots and fly swarms
  • Presence of wild animals feeding on the carcass  
  • Health risks and concerns

For all of these reasons, it is imperative to remove a dead animal promptly. Upon dead wildlife removal, it’s important to deodorize or decontaminate the area. Entrust this job to us and save yourself a headache. Our team is well-equipped and trained, so you can rest assured that Wildside Wildlife Removal will get the job done right and on time.

Dead Wildlife Health Risks

The dead animals pose serious health risks for homeowners when starting to decay and decompose within their property. As the temperature is higher, the decomposition process will be quicker. This increases the risk of disease transmission. A deceased animal spreads bacteria and parasites and attracts maggots, fleas, ticks, and mites. They carry these harmful pathogens, thereby transmitting diseases.

That’s why dead animals should be handled with great caution. Wear full protection, including gas mask and gloves when dealing with carcasses. In fact, it’s best to stay away and call dead animal removal professionals.

Get Rid of Dead Wildlife

Dead wildlife removal can be a difficult task sometimes. That is because animals don’t always die in plain view. What’s more, they often pass away in hard-to-reach places – under the insulation, in the ducts, in the chimney, down a wall, and so on. So you may have difficulty getting rid of a dead animal.

Once the dead animal is located, our removal technicians will remove it from your home or backyard. Please note that dead animals aren’t always accessible. This is especially true when they find their way into the walls. In that case, it may be necessary to cut out the drywall and do some repairs.

Large dead bird beside Burlington home

Identification and Removal

It is also important to note that the strategy and outcome of wildlife removal depend on the length of time the animals have been passed away. Animals that have died recently are easiest and safest to remove, as the contamination is still minimal. If the dead wildlife has been left untouched for several hours or a few days, it will get infested with ticks and insects that transmit diseases to humans.

Cleanup: Decontamination and Deodorization

At this phase, we will deal with the mess that dead animals left behind. This involves safe disposal and biohazard cleanup with special biological cleaners. The goal is to make your home free of odor, urine, hair, food waste, and droppings. We offer deodorization and decontamination services with the aim of eliminating any biohazards and odor.

Regardless of the species and size of the animal, we will locate and dispose of a dead animal for you quickly and safely. Be it a bat, bird, raccoon, rat, mouse, skunk, or squirrel, our team will conduct a humane removal at your request. 

If you have encountered a dead animal under your deck, in your attic, basement, backyard, walls, or elsewhere in your property or home, give us a call us as soon as you can. We will solve your wildlife problem and meet all your wildlife removal needs.

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