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Raccoon Removal

Have you been hearing some unusual noises coming from your attic recently, and are increasingly getting more concerned? There are a few different types of animals that could be up there, and one of the most common in Ontario are raccoons. Raccoons are one of the most challenging animals to deal with due to their large frames, mobility, and their sharp claws and teeth make raccoons dangerous to manage. 

Pregnant raccoons will often look for a comfortable and safe attic to go, in order to deliver their babies. Racoon Removal Burlington is a common undertaking that we handle on a regular basis, and we take great pride in helping homeowners and their families to take back control of their homes – all by using a humane raccoon removal strategy where no life is lost. 

It’s not always easy to identify which animal species may have broken into your attic, and turning the space into its new home. Below are some insights to help you determine if a raccoon is what you’re dealing with, but no matter what kind of animal it is, be sure to get the expertise of a wildlife removal company (such as ours) to help rectify the situation

Damage Is Visibly Noticeable

Raccoons are not very subtle when it comes to how they navigate their lives, they can create a ton of physical damage to a home in no time at all. Attics tend to be filled full of items that raccoons love to get their paws on, and their strong teeth can chew through home’s drywall, roofing tiles, and support beams. 

Cautiously examine your attic if you suspect a raccoon is up there, and look for any signs of damage to the floor, walls, and even the ceiling. Better yet, contact a wildlife removal company to assess it so you can stay safe. 

A raccoon is an especially huge threat when they feel trapped or are panicked, and will destroy anything it comes across. Your entire home and everyone living in it are at risk when a raccoon is on a mission to inflict damage to structural elements, so the sooner a raccoon is removed the better it is for everything and everyone involved.

Close-up of adult raccoon's face

Mysterious Noises and Sounds Pop up

By knowing what sounds an animal makes, you can correctly identify what you’re up against. Each animal behaves in a particular way, and that results in unique noises being produced. Raccoons are relentless urban pests which have heavy footsteps – there’s nothing dainty about them really. 

Their walking and running around isn’t the only sound they make when they mate it almost sounds like they are engaging in a fight. The hope is that any raccoon that makes its way into your home is captured within hours, or at worst within days of entry, and set free in a local forest.

Understand How They Live Their Lives

Raccoon activity is very predictable as they are nocturnal animals, so during the day they will happily sleep in the comfort of your attic, and at night they will exit your home to seek out food from garbage bins and other food sources. 

Mating season for raccoons is in the winter, and females give birth in the spring. Early spring is when your attic is the most vulnerable, as that’s when very pregnant female raccoons are looking for sound places to give birth, and as you might imagine, our phones are ringing off the hook around this period of time from customers who need them removed ASAP. If a mother raccoon is successful in having babies in a certain location, that same mother will return when pregnant again, so it’s critically important to have a pregnant raccoon removed before babies are born.

Their Feces Are No Joke

Raccoon feces, known as scat, are foul in smell, and often pile up all over the place. Their feces are typically dark in colour and can contain seeds and other items that don’t properly break down, so keep your eyes open for their waste if you suspect raccoons are up to no good in your home. 

Raccoons are perhaps the biggest pests that threaten a home’s integrity in Ontario, and only well-trained professionals should deal with them. If you suspect or know a raccoon has claimed your home as their own, then give us a call and we will quickly send one of our experts over to your residence to take care of the situation, and put your mind at ease.

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