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Wildlife Removal & Prevention.

We specialize in the humane removal of wildlife and other pests that devalues your property.

Safe and Reliable Pest Control

We offer a complete wildlife removal and prevention service. This starts with us determining which species of animals are causing issues for you. From there, we determine the best course of action for the removal of the animal. More often than not, we use a one way door system which is both effective and humane. 

In addition to installing the one way door, we do prevention work on the exterior, ensuring the animal cannot find another entry point once its been locked out by the one way door.  

Once we are sure the animal has left the home, we return to the home / building to remove the one way door and repair the entry area. At this time, we make sure if the animal does return, it will be unable to break back in.

Quality Service


Wildside Wildlife Removal & Prevention Ltd. proudly serves both Residential and Commercial customers in Burlington, Hamilton, Milton, Oakville, Waterdown and the Golden Horsehoe area of Southern Ontario.

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100% Satisfaction

When it comes to the humane removal and prevention of nuisance wildlife we are knowledgeable, capable, reliable and humane. Our goal is to remove anything that can damage and devalue your property and put people and pets at risk.