Why Do Birds Chirp In The Morning?

Posted on August 5, 2022

Do you get awakened every early morning by a racket of bird songs? Surely you have heard the expression “the early bird gets the worm”, but why exactly do birds have to make so much noise when they wake up? Maybe you assumed it was only a group of birds wishing a great day to their feathered friends. Though, it appears that birds sing in the morning for many distinct reasons. In other words, there is a meaning behind their beautiful songs.

Why Do Birds Chirp Early?

Male Birds Sing To Attract Female Mates

Male birds will sing incredibly loud and long, especially during spring, to attract female birds. Since it’s the start of the mating season, it’s time for male birds to show off. A great, loud song every morning is an ideal way of announcing their presence.

Potential mates select a male who sings best because such a male tends to be fit at raising hatchlings, have a protected territory, or pass down healthy genes to their offspring.

Boast Fitness

Loud chirping early in the morning is a means to intimidate rivals or other males and hold predators at bay by demonstrating they are strong and fit. The louder they vocalize, the more powerful they sound; therefore, they are unsuitable prey.

The individual power and health of the male bird are also highly considered by their possible mate.

Establish Their Territory

Singing is one of the typical patterns birds use to let others know that a spot belongs to them. Birds are very territorial, especially when young ones are concerned. They want to warn others that their home is protected.

These calls are aimed toward other songbirds of the same species since that’s who they’re in immediate conflict with for meals & nesting areas.

Utilize The Morning Light

Birds can sing their best songs to the world in the early mornings when their voices will carry more smoothly across the fresh morning air to their possible mates or rivals. This is because the air is usually still at this time, and there is less background noise, unlike during daylight when everyone else is hustling and bustling.

Everyone is sleeping, and most animals will likewise be quiet. This signifies an early bird song can be heard by anyone nearby.

As the light intensifies, food becomes easier to locate, so hungry birds start to set forth, and the chorus slowly subsides.

Bird Species That Sing In The Morning

Here are some birds you can hear chirping in the early morning hours:

  1. Gartered Trogons
  2. Chirping Sparrows
  3. Yellow Warblers
  4. Red-Winged Blackbirds
  5. American Robins
  6. Blackcaps
  7. Song Thrushes

Often, these birds roost on the highest trees, fences, outdoor lights, and electrical posts. They sing earlier in the company of different birds. Once the sun rises, they begin scouring for food in the wild and nearby bird feeders.

The Dawn Chorus

The collective tweets and chirpings of wild birds are called the dawn chorus. It begins with a few songs, then other birds living in the area sing as well until all the songbirds vocalize as one. Early morning singers are mainly males, with females occasionally participating.

Some people find it so soothing and calming that they dedicate a day to rise early to enjoy the sweet sound of birdsong. The International Dawn Chorus Day is celebrated every first Sunday of May yearly. Birds often sing their dawn choruses at 4 am or an hour before sunrise, at its best around 30 minutes.

Sometimes, you hear a “call” instead of a “song.” Songs are often used either to mark off territory or for courtship. Calls may signify a predator, so birds will deliver a warning call when they see trouble.

How To Minimize The Disruptive Effects of The Chorus

However, even the most devoted birders seldom enjoy the full-on symphony of chirping, especially when backyard birds pitch outside your bedroom windows.

You can use white noise like fans or sound machines in bedrooms and place the devices near windows. Another solution to soften the sounds coming from outside is replacing older single-pane windows with updated double-pane ones.

Another pointer to consider is to remove the bird feeder at sundown or early evening to drive birds to locate evening nests far off.

Enjoy The Morning Song

A bunch of birds singing first thing in the morning might be a little annoying; however, it’s a fantastic auditory phenomenon that some people enjoy. We hope you understand why they wake you with loud tweets and vocals and consider it a blessing.

And from this day on, when you hear a bird chirping during the first light, relax and revel in the dawn chorus.