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Did you know that the Ontario Fish & Wildlife Conservation Act prohibits the relocation of wildlife more than one kilometre from its original capture site by anyone? This means that, after all your hard work spent capturing and relocating wild animals, they're likely to come back. You've also spent a lot of money on means of capturing the animals or paying for wildlife removal and services, so why put that to waste? You need a team of reliable and professional wildlife control experts who know precisely how to ensure your problem is solved for good. We're Wild Side Wildlife Control & Prevention Ltd. and we specialize in helping homeowners keep their home protected and safe from animals who, while they may just be looking for a safe place to sleep or raise their family, need to be kept outside.

Humane Wildlife Removal & Control

Wildlife removal should be more about just the removal of the animal causing harm. Whether it's a family of bats, raccoons, skunks, birds, rats, and more, you can rely on our animal control experts to thoroughly evaluate your situation. From every door and window around your home to your attic and basement, we want to look at every possible entry point in and around your home that the animals may be using. From there, we can customize a wildlife control plan that's best suited for you, your home, and the animal. Our wildlife removal services are trusted by homeowners in the Hamilton, Burlington, Waterdown, Milton and Oakville areas because of our humane approach and ability to really get down to the core of the problem. We treat all animals with the same respect as we do your home, but that doesn't mean we want them to feel welcome in your home again. So it's time for more drastic measures to be put in place.

Wildlife Prevention Is Just As Important As Wildlife Removal

Unfortunately, after having animals removed and relocated, you can't be guaranteed that they won't come back, especially because they can't be relocated further than one kilometre away. But we can guarantee one thing: our wildlife prevention services. If you require animal removal within one year of us securing your property, we'll return free of charge and work diligently to seal the entry points again. From your chimney or holes in the attic to entry points around doors and windows, we'll put the proper preventive measures in place. Most often than not, we install a one-way door to help with this.

Small bird's nest in eavestrough of Burlington shed

Keeping Wildlife In The Wild

One-way doors are a very humane and effective way to stop wildlife from re-entering your home. After we've thoroughly inspected your home and determined where the main point of entry/exit is, we'll install the one-way door so the animal will be locked out when they leave and not be able to get back in. We'll also inspect the rest of the home to ensure there are no other ways it can get in. Once we're positive the animal has left for good, we'll remove the one-way door and repair the entry area. We clean up after ourselves and leave your home the way we found it. You can count on us to respect your home and trust us to be your number one wildlife removal team for life. Our humane wildlife removal services are highly effective and affordable for all. But more importantly, they really work.

Prevention & Control Services Are A Must

Even if you've never required wildlife removal services before, it's still worth having our team come and inspect your home to ensure you'll never need it in the future either. Homes naturally experience wear and tear, so it's only a matter of time before critters end up making their way into weak spots like your attic, chimney, the garage, basement, and more. But thanks to our high-quality services, we can prevent this from ever happening in the first place, especially if your neighbour has been experiencing problems. Once your neighbour stops them from getting into their home, they may move onto yours. That's why, thanks to our hardworking wildlife removal and control experts, your home can become critter-proof before they have a chance to cause some serious (and costly) damage. Most insurance companies will not cover the cost of damage caused by wildlife, so call us to ensure your home is thoroughly protected.

Keeping You, Your Home & Your Family Safe With Quality Pest Control Services

It's not just a matter of removing wildlife from your home and preventing them from returning. As a humane wildlife removal and control company, we also care about the safety of you and your family. Having wildlife in and around your home can actually put your family or pets at risk of contracting diseases. This is also why cleaning up after having wildlife removed is important. The feces and urine they leave behind can also be a major safety concern, a service we also provide. As soon as you think you may have a pest control problem on your hands, call us right away to perform the necessary pest control services. This shouldn't wait. The longer you wait, the more damage the wildlife is going to cause and the more your family is at risk of being exposed to diseases the wildlife commonly carry. When you call us today, we can even provide you with a free, no-obligation animal removal quote. Our wildlife and pest control services include:

If you don't see the wildlife you have a problem with on our list, don't hesitate to contact us . Our wildlife removal experts will do what they can to assist you or connect you with someone who specializes in your particular pest problem.

Humane Residential & Commercial Pest Control Services In Southern Ontario

We may specialize in helping homeowners keep their homes safe from unwanted wildlife guests, but we also assist commercial property owners with any of their wildlife removal needs as well in and around the Burlington area. Our humane pest control services extend from Burlington, Hamilton, Waterdown, Milton and Oakville to the rest of the Golden Horseshoe area of Southern Ontario. Client testimonials show that we value our clients, our employees, our services, and our practices.