Wildlife Removal Mistakes

Posted on July 9, 2020

Have you had extra guests on your property that you didn’t invite, like raccoons, possums, rats or bats? Are you worried about the safety of your family and pets? Have the uninvited guests caused property damage? Then you have a pest problem that needs to be dealt with professionally. 

Trying to take charge of the issue yourself can cause a lot of unexpected mistakes to be made. While you want to protect your home, trying to get rid of wild animals yourself can be very dangerous and cause even more harm to both your property and the animal. 

These are the most common animal control mistakes many homeowners make.

Mistake #1: Sealing The Entry/Exit Point

While this may seem like the most efficient DIY method to get rid of the pests under your deck or in your attic, this can actually cause more harm than good, and here’s why:

  • You could be trapping babies inside. When you see a large raccoon leave the space, you automatically think it’s time to make your move and seal up the hole. But what you may not actually know is that the raccoon is going to find food for its babies. If it comes back to see the entrance hole is sealed, it will stop at nothing to get back inside, leaving more damage caused to your home.
  • They could end up dying. And you know what that means? Smell. It’s much easier to remove live animals than dead ones that have been decomposing for a while.
  • You’re leaving behind a mess. Many homeowners don’t consider the fact that those animals created a nest and not only left behind a bed, but feces and urine too. This can be very harmful to your health.

Mistake # 2: Trying To Trap It

The most common wildlife removal solution is to use a cage to humanely trap and move the animal. Pest control experts know precisely how to use a trap, how to handle the pest inside, and what steps to take next. Homeowners don’t know anything about the pest they’re dealing with, leaving lots of room for accidents to occur, like being attacked, using improper bait, or using inhumane trapping methods. 

While small, fluffy raccoons sure are cute, they don’t act cute! They can become very vicious when caught in stressful situations and can attack and bite you. And yes, skunks are very cute too, but their smell sure isn’t. Their first defence mechanism is their potent spray, which can be very hard to get rid of from your hair and clothes. This is why wildlife removal experts come fully-equipped with the necessary tools and clothing to deal with the pest safely and efficiently. It’s not worth trying to trap it yourself. You could be putting your health at risk, especially if they’re rabid.

Mistake # 3: Using Inhumane Traps

Wildlife removal mistakes are a lot more common than you think, but mainly because homeowners aren’t educated on the wildlife removal or long-term control process. There are many wildlife removal companies out there that specialize in the humane removal of animals, which means no animal will be harmed in any way. Sure, they may be considered a pest or look like an ugly rodent, but they’re a living creature and deserve the same respect as you, the homeowner. 

You may automatically think you should go to your local department store and buy sticky traps or rat poison to control the problem, but this is never the recommended pest control method. Not only can rat poison put your own pets in danger if they accidentally get a hold of it, but it can cause a lot of unnecessary pain for the animal at bay. Poisoning wildlife is also illegal in many parts of Canada. 

Sticky traps are also not a sure way of ridding your home of pests. The animal can end up getting stuck and staying alive for days and severely injuring themselves while trying to escape. 

Mistake # 4: Relocating

While this seems like the obvious thing to do, relocating animals away from your home isn’t as effective as you may think for a few different reasons:

  • They are stressed. During the travel to another area, they can become extremely stressed out, making them even more dangerous to handle yourself.
  • They’re not familiar with the area. The animals have a home too and don’t relocate very well. Now they have to find new shelter, new water areas, and means of food. 
  • You’re removing them from their babies. Now that the babies are separated from their mother, they’re not going to survive and will end up trapped in a part of your home, eventually leading to decay and smell issues. No matter what DIY recipe you use to control the smell, it’s not going to go away until the bodies are removed.
  • You’re not actually solving the problem. So you relocated the animals that are currently inhabiting your home, but what about others in the area that make their way in? Wildlife naturally seek safe havens to have, and protect, their babies. Therefore, if you haven’t put the proper preventive measures in place, they’re going to use your home again. 
wildlife relocated

Leave It To A Pest Control Company

If you’re experiencing issues in or around your home with raccoons, skunks, rats, bats, or even insects, it’s always best to call a pest control company for help. Many homeowners make these top four common wildlife removal mistakes and think they’re solving the problem, but are unintentionally causing more damage to their home and hurting the animals. You can avoid these mistakes right off the bat by calling a local wildlife removal expert who knows precisely what animal or you’re dealing with and how it can be removed humanely, as well as what preventive measures to take in order for you to avoid future complications. 

If you’re looking for a reliable wildlife removal service in Burlington that specializes in the humane removal of all animals, contact us today over the phone or by email to learn how we can help you with any wildlife removal inquiries. We only use the safest and most effective wildlife removal solutions around, including quality preventive measures so you never have to worry about another animal control issue again. If you’re on a tight budget but think you could use some professional help, you can also contact us for a free estimate regarding any of our removal services. There are no hidden costs when you work with us. Stop making these common wildlife removal mistakes. We’re only a call away!