Have you spotted bats inside your home? Hearing sounds inside the walls? You might be dealing with a bat infestation. While Wildside Wildlife Removal can help take care of your bat problem, it’s important to know how they got inside
Bats are nocturnal creatures that live in a colony, eat insects, and like to roost in dark, secluded places like attics. While they are generally made out to be extremely dangerous, they are not. Bats are typically harmless, but
Baby skunks, like any other baby animal, often tug at our heartstrings. Their small stocky bodies, soft fur and cute demeanour tend to warm our hearts. But, if you have ever experienced the pungent odour of a skunk’s spray,
Dogs are notoriously curious creatures. They are often known to sniff out small animals in their backyard out of curiosity. While rabbits and squirrels will simply flee in the face of a dog, a skunk has a notorious response.
If you have been noticing a distasteful smell or have been hearing some unusual noises in your home during the night, you may suspect that you have mice. It can be easy to determine if there are any unwanted